What is OpenPush?

  1. An aggregator of real-time push notifications
  2. A cloud push platform enabling Push-as-a-Service: a Platform for developers or a Service for end users
  3. An open protocol defining both subscribers and content models. It allows third-parties to write both interoperable federated server implementation and user clients

OpenPush enables real-time push notifications to be delivered direct to everyone who wants to receive them – regardless of which mobile, desktop or media device they happen to be using. This innovative solution reduces cost and complexity for developers, while providing greater convenience and added features for end users.

“I think mobile notifications are one of the biggest game changers to come along in our world recently”
Fred Wilson, Principal VC of Union Squares Ventures

OpenPush: An innovative solution to a very modern problem

The problem...

More and more users are beginning to rely on push notifications, both in their private and professional lives. These real-time messages deliver up-to-the-minute news and alerts direct to users’ mobile phones or desktops. However, users frequently end up with different notifications on different devices and have no way to bring them all together in one place.

Developing push applications has also been getting increasingly complicated, due to the growing range of mobile devices. Developers have had to write and maintain a different version of the same push software for a large set of devices, including iPhone®, Android®, Blackberry® and now Windows® Phone, as well as other smartphones and tablets.

F. Wilson is defining well the problem in his blog post A VC musings of a VC in NYC - March 1st 2011 - Mobile Notifications.

...and the solution

OpenPush addresses the challenges faced by both end users and developers. It makes notifications easier to access, organise and store, but also reduces cost and complexity for developers. For the first time, developers can now create a single, ubiquitous notification service that will deliver notifications to all types of devices -- mobiles, tablets, desktops, laptops and televisions.

How does OpenPush work?
OpenPush Protocol Diagram

Created by ProcessOne in association with other industry leaders, OpenPush is divided into three main components: the web-based “openpush” protocol, the push platform, and a “unified notification inbox”.

The OpenPush protocol is open, interoperable with web standards. As a result, any organisation can become a push based service provider and share notification streams with others. End users are free to pick and subscribe to any notification channels or sources, and receive their messages in a unified notification inbox, accessible from any web-connected device.

Benefits and features for end users

OpenPush gives users more control over which notifications they receive, how they receive them and what they do with them.

  • Real-time web — A stickiness approach: OpenPush makes it possible for end users to receive, in real-time, all of the information, data, content, updates and reminders that they really want as soon as it is available on the web.
  • Web based notification — An easy-to-use environment: The OpenPush notification system is really simple to use for end users. Subscribing to a new notification from a content or service provider is as simple as clicking a link on a website.
  • Less intrusive notifications — A unified inbox: The OpenPush notification service provides a unique central inbox application to gather and store all notifications instantly in a secure central repository.
  • Multiple devices — A shared management: This new service recognises that users have multiple devices: a desktop, a phone, a tablet or even a brand new web-connected TV. OpenPush enables users to share and manage their notifications across all their devices.
  • Central dispatcher — An organized and contextualized view: Using OpenPush, users can group their notifications by time, geography and source etc. This makes it easier to find and organise information in a logical way.
  • Keep records — A “read-it-later” and search option: Most notifications today cannot be stored for later use. OpenPush, however, saves notifications as soon as they arrive so that users can refer back to them and even search for them later on.
Benefits and features for developers

OpenPush reduces the cost and complexity of developing and maintaining push services.

  • Develop Once, Push Everywhere™ — A strong promise: With a web oriented notification system, like the OpenPush platform, developers no longer have to develop different server-side and client-side software for every possible user device. Instead, they can now implement a unified strategy for push notifications.
  • Target a user, not a device — End user focus: By design, existing push notification systems target apps for a specific device or platform. Now, these same systems can address end users no matter what kind of device and how many devices they have. Organisations can therefore focus on giving customers the best user experience.
  • Public or private data — A channel based system: Building a web-based notification system does not mean the user is limited to receiving public content. Developers can create notification systems that deliver information to specific end users only, such as a group of people that share the same interest, or a team of employees.
  • Integration into existing systems — A simple development: Deploying a push notification service using OpenPush takes a matter of minutes. Developers simply add new links and insert a very simple code into the website or web application.
  • Compliant with native apps push system — A global view: Just because you do not need to develop native apps any more, doesn’t mean that you cannot. OpenPush can action native applications with the same platform.
OpenPush on iOS OpenPush on WebOS
Information for content owners, service providers and enterprises

OpenPush is a truly innovative solution that will facilitate the development of more real-time notification systems and accelerate take up of push services among end users.

The solution is:

  • Open: By offering OpenPush as an open technology and sharing it, free-of-charge, with the IT community, ProcessOne aims to further the development of a global, standard “push” eco-system.
  • Fully federated: OpenPush allows two-way communication and true interoperability across different notification platforms.
  • Based on years of expertise in real-time messaging: OpenPush has been developed by ProcessOne, a leading developer of robust and scalable real-time messaging solutions. It therefore embeds many years of experience in developing and operating robust and scalable messaging solutions.
  • Delivered via the cloud — “Push-as-a-Service”: OpenPush is the new software and platform that ProcessOne will offer as a service via the cloud.
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